13 de febrero de 2012

Paul McCartney/ The Fireman - Electric Arguments (2008)

1. Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight
2. Two Magpies
3. Sing The Changes
4. Travelling Light
5. Highway
6. Light From Your Lighthouse
7. Sun Is Shining
8. Dance ‘till We’re High
9. Lifelong Passion
10. Is This Love?
11. Lovers In A Dream
12. Universal Here, Everlasting Now
13. Don’t Stop Running

Dance Till We're High [Long Version]
Highway [Long Version]
Light from Your Lighthouse
Sing the Changes [Long Mix]
Sun is Shining [Short Version]
Sawain Ambient Acapella (''Lifelong Passion'' Remix) [Esta canción había sido incluida también como Bonus en la edición I-Tunes del álbum]
Highway [Electro Dynamo Lemon Sherbet Sunrise Dubstep Mix]



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